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I taught math for ten years after retiring from the Marines.  Part of me is still in the classroom, so I have included some particularly useful or interesting resources I've utilized.  I used all of them at some point and hope they might give you some ideas. Parents may be interested too. The 24 Game is almost as addicting as geocaching.

BTW, the Marine Corps was excellent training for the classroom. Schools like having ex-Marines on staff, especially at lunch time and dismissal.

Geocaching, letterboxing, orienteering and similar activities are great real time, real world exercises in problem solving, decision making and setting priorities in addition to the technical stuff involved. It is hands-on, interdisciplinary work that lends itself well to all student levels and learning styles. I based entire units on maps, compasses and related skills, then took the students out for orienteering and geocaching. The science, language arts and social studies teachers would do work to complement the unit. My replacement continues that little field experience to this day.  My wife and I still help with it every year.

Additionally, I spent about half my military career in intelligence, so I have included some resources from that area. The CIA World Factbook is worth a particular mention.  It's updated yearly, is free online and unclassified. It is a gold mine of information about every country in the world.   Don't let the name scare you.  It's good stuff.

I've got a couple other recommendations and then it's all yours.  Check out  A waymark is like a geocache except it is something that is already there.  It could be a waterfall, a statue or a plaque on a building.  These things are everywhere.  If you are heading out on a field trip, this is a great activity to add on.  It provides real-world practice with research, reading and writing skills.

Want to see the Alamo, the Eiffel Tower or Loch Ness right now? The webcam link is your ticket.

Finally, Hands-on Equations and the 24 Game (no, not Jack Bauer) are THE BEST math teaching programs I have ever used. They are scalable to all grades, all levels and all learning styles and you can do it in the same room at the same time.  Not only that - the kids luv 'em.  One caveat I would add is that if you use Hands-On Equations, go to a one day seminar that they offer.  They really show you how to maximize its use.

If you are interested in trying to incorporate some of this stuff, I've included a bunch of links to get you started.

All resources are listed alphabetically.  We'll add more as we find them.

24 Game - THE SECOND BEST math teaching tool I ever used.  Kids love it. Hands-on Equations - THE BEST math teaching tool I ever used.
Access Your Government - Get almost anything done online How Stuff Works - Lookup anything about anything. Good geocaching and GPS info
Atlasquest - A good letterboxing site Junk Science - My favorite politically incorrect resource
BBQ Math - Free online flashcards Layered Curriculum - Very effective teaching model that I used successfully
Create-A-Graph - Great online graphing program. Simple to use but great graphs Letterboxing - The original letterboxing site
CIA World Factbook - One stop shop for current information about anywhere Lookup Zip codes, Area Codes - and a whole lot more for free
Davidson Tutoring - Online tutoring anywhere via Skype - Practical tech advice for the not-so-tech types
Delorme - Home to Street Atlas and Gazetteers National Park Service - Information about all parks, monuments, historical trails, sites
Disposable Web Pages - 90 day web pages for events, classes and other short term uses Rails-to-Trails - Find a place to bike and geocache
Diposable Web Tools - Protect your online identity SAT Free Practice - Good SAT prep, notes, exercises, exam tips online and interactive
Earth Caches - Seek out nature's own geocaches Snopes - THE place to get to the bottom of  urban legends and other myths
EarthWatch - Scientific and exploratory expeditions around the world Solar Action Alliance - Learn about solar energy and how to get involved
EdHelper - Great resource with lessons, puzzles, logic games, skill review and lots more Teacher Technology Resources - Programs to improve instruction, efficiency, fun - A very handy reference for just about anything. TerraClues - "online geocaching" similar to a webquest - The main resource for the geocaching community. Topographic Maps - Coverage of the entire US with maps and aerial photos
Geocacher University - Online instruction, helpful articles and shopping - Find and download information on 42,000 trails in North America
Google Earth - The definitive mapping resource now completely free Waymarking - Variation on geocaching. Good for travel and field trips
GPS FAQ's - Condensed information source on GPS receivers and navigation

Web Cams - From anywhere in the world

GPSinformation - Information on a wide variety of technical subjects Webquests - Internet-based knowledge hunt. Great for teachers or other group leaders
GPSgames - Other activities with the GPS.  Great for traveling and exploring Webquests II - More information, samples, instruction, workshops, shared webquests
GPSvisualizer - Online utility that manipulates, converts and creates GPS data

Whereigo - Outdoor video games using GPS and real locations

Wired Safety - Use the Internet safely. Deal with cyber-bullying and other issues




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