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This is one of my better efforts.  It's a great for reviewing or as an activity on those "high energy" days like the day before Christmas break.

The design is actually pretty simple. It's an Excel spread sheet with hyperlinks imbedded in the cells.  Each cell is simply a circle of three hyperlinks-the board, the question and the answer then back to the board. Throw in a blue background, change the hyperlink color to yellow, get rid of the grid lines, add the Jeopardy jingle and voila!  Genius!

To use it, download the Zip file by right clicking on the link to the left. Select "Save As" or "Save Target As" (depending on your browser). You'll need to extract the contents after downloading.  Simply right click and select "Extract".  Then click on default.htm.  It will open in the default browser. The Jeopardy jingle will play automatically one time. If you click on a number, the sound stops so you don't have to wait on it. The sound works best if you have Apple Quicktime installed on the machine.

Once you download the folder, I'd recommend copying it as a backup, maybe a couple of times. A basic rule of programming is never modify original software. You always need to be able to get back to where you were and the easiest way is to have several working copies. Of course, you can always come back here and get another one.

Click on a number. An answer will appear. After the students respond, click on the answer or the accompanying picture and the question will appear.  Click on the question or the picture and you're right back at the board.

To make changes, copy the entire folder. You always want to keep everything together.  You'll see subfolders labeled as Column 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Inside the folders are web pages which are simple HTM (web) files.  There's one for each question and one for each answer. Open each one up in a web editor and change the content. Do not change the names of the files.  I've made the file structure generic so that it never changes - just the content.  That's critical because hyperlinks are pointed to very specific files names in very specific locations. If you change anything in the structure, the hyperlinks will break and the game won't work.

To change to column headings on the game board, open default.htm in a web editor and change them.  You may have to play around with font size and position, but it's just like working in Microsoft Office at that point.

In my board, the used category numbers become red instead of disappearing.  If you want to make them disappear, go into the properties for the default.htm file and change the color of used hyperlinks to the same color as the board. To get all hyperlinks back to yellow, go to your browser and clear the browsing history.  They'll pop right back.

You don't need to modify anything else.  All the .gif and .jpg files are the images imbedded on the board in the Q and A screens.

This is how I taught myself web editing and HTML code. If I make changes now, I go straight into the code itself.  If you're interested in learning that stuff, this is a great project to do it with. Just make sure you always have a clean original to fall back on.  Make working copies of the entire folder and have at it.

I've developed more boards than I can remember. It can be a bit time consuming at first to come up with five categories and 25 questions arranged so that the harder ones are behind the bigger numbers.  I often had students do it, sometimes for extra credit.  Assign them a category and get five or 10 good Q&A combos. I've had advanced students develop entire boards using this as a model.

When we started a new unit, I would choose categories and start the new board, adding Q&A as I went.  It actually goes pretty fast once you get a system down.

This is also a GREAT activity for Parent Night or Grandparent's Day.  It's fun, interactive and gives a good overview of the material  you'll be covering. It blows them away.

 I hope you have as much fun and success with this as I did.  Enjoy...